Our Approach

You could also call this customer service.  Yes we do it the old fashion way like back in the day.  A customer comes in, they are greeted with a smile and actually helped with the correct selection not based on the amount of money we will make on a sale but based on the needs of the customer.  This old philosophy has helped us stay in business for a great number of years.  We love fitness, we love bikes, boards and disc golf.  Most importantly we love our customers.  They actually become friends we ride with, we skate with, we disc golf with. Loving what you do and the people you do it with is what matters more than any dollar amount.  You just can't put a dollar amount on friends.  Our customers are our friends.  Stop in, be our friend!

Approaching late years

Jerry has been running Bikes and Boards for a great number of years. He is amazing in the fact that he has been doing it for so many years even in his 70's he is still actively biking, walking, running and riding mountain bikes.  Jerry wakes up in the morning thinking, "What can I do to a bike that's cool today."  Jerry is still a big kid and gets a kick out of helping people and his hobby of bikes.

Contact Us...

Our prices are too competitive to post online.  We do not sell parts, bikes or boards online.  We only sell in the store.  If you have an interest in a product or service, please contact us or stop in we are glad to help.